Version 1.1 of the API’s have not been formally introduced yet. All banks and financial institutions that have implemented Control API will receive an e-mail regarding the new version in near future.

The API-specification is the technical specification to follow when implementing the API’s in Control Information. As an addition to the technical specification it is created a description of the data model for each API.

Each of the API’s consist of several fields and subfields. All fields are to be provided, delivered and formatted according to the description of the field, unless otherwise stated. Some fields are marked as mandatory due to technical reasons. Regardless of whether the fields are marked as mandatory or not, all fields are to be provided as long as the bank/financial institution holds the data. This is according to the legal basis (in Norwegian).

The API’s have both structured and free text fields. Structured fields have a specific purpose and may have legal values (enums) or specified format. If there is a matching structured field in the API definition, structured information shall be placed there and not in the free text fields. The free text fields are intended for information not fitting into any structured field, for instance free text the financial institution has received from the party issuing the transaction

API   Version Data model
Accounts GET/accounts V.1.1 Description of Accounts
Account details GET/accounts/{accountReference} V.1.1 Description of Account details
Transactions GET/accounts/{accountReference}/transactions V.1.1. Description of Transactions
Cards GET/accounts/{accountReference}/cards V.1.1 Description of Cards
Roles GET/accounts/{accountReference}/roles V.1.1 Description of Roles

Change log

Date Version Change Comment Link in document
17.09.20 V.1.1 Changes from V.1.0 to V.1.1 Version 1.1 approved by “Styringsgruppe Kontrollinformasjon” Link