DSOP Control Common Standard is a fully digital solution ensuring that different government agencies receive account information from financial institutions digitally in a machine-to-machine integration.

The benefits of establishing a machine-to-machine exchange of account information, with standardized and structured content from all banks, is that the agencies will be able to send significantly more requests and to obtain qualitatively better account information faster.

Digitized collection of data

The requests from the agencies will be similar for all the banks using the standard, but the purpose (with reference to the legal basis), the validation of the requests and the processing of the account information received by the agencies will be different. The request from the agencies with information about the “object” (organization number/personal identification number/d-number) first goes to a register in the financial industry that lists which financial institutions have - or have had - a relationship with the object in a given time period. Based on this list of financial institutions, the agency sends an account-list request to each of these financial institutions - and then the agency asks for more account information for each of these accounts. E.g. account details, balance and transaction history and roles and payment cards associated with the account in a given time period.

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The DSOP Control Common Standard can be used in different DSOP solutions to deliver data to public agencies that have necessary legal basis to obtain this type of information from the financial institutions.

The current DSOP solutions that are based on the Control Common Standard are:

  • Control Information/Kontrollinformasjon (data from financial institutions to Skatteetaten, NAV, and the Police)
  • Bankruptcy solution/Konkursbehandling (data from financial institutions to trustees via Brønnøysundregistrene)
  • Settlement after death/Oppgjør etter dødsfall (data from financial institutions to heirs via Digdir)

    Other possible solutions that may use the Common Standard in the future are:
  • Digitalt vergeregnskap (data from financial institutions to the Civil Court Administration in connection with the establishment of guardianship and annual control of guardianship accounts)
  • The Norwegian Institute of Auditors is also interested in how this solution can give the auditors access (based on the client’s consent) to the same interface for digital collection of account information.

For more information and an overview over the implementation of the solution:

The government agencies’ presentation of the solution - 28. november 2019

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