The API-specification in Swagger is the technical specification to follow when implementing the API’s in Control Information. As an addition to the technical specification it is created a description of the output parameters, for each API. The full description of the output parameters is to be found on: data model.

A new version of the API’s (V.1.1) is created. Each of the API’s consist of several fields and subfields. All fields are to be provided, delivered and formatted according to the API-spesification and the description of the field, unless otherwise stated.

Version Open API-specification
Version 1.0 API-specification V.1.0
Version 1.1 API-specification V.1.1

Change log

Date Version Change Comment Link in document
17.09.20 V.1.1 Changes from V.1.0 to V.1.1 Approved by “Styringsgruppe Kontrollinformasjon” Link til change log data model