PACT-test, integration test and check list are a part of internal testing that the banks complete before testing with the public sector starts. They are meant to be tools to help the banks to ensure correct and good quality of the implementation.

First time implementing a DSOP solution based on the DSOP Control Common Standard: all banks must complete all cases in “check list and integration test” and complete “PACT-test”. This is to ensure that the banks’ implementation and interpretation of the documentation is correct.

When the financial institution has implemented the DSOP Control Common Standard in relation to another DSOP Solution, and is going to onboard a new DSOP Solution that is based on the same Standard, the financial institution just needs to complete all cases in “check list and integration test”.

Change log

Date Change in documentation Link
08.05.23 Updated text to reflect DSOP Control Common Standard  
20.04.23 Updated checklist Check list and integration test
17.11.20 Added a new file to the testing procedure Answer questions regarding compliance
25.03.20 Translated from Norwegian to English document