List of cards associated with the specified account and period. Empty list if no hits.


Abbreviations   Description
M Mandatory Must be part of the response, even if there is no data. Not returning this field in the response can break the receiving API.
D Deliver Producers are obligated to deliver all requested data if they can*. If the data exists in the Producers systems and is possible to deliver through the API, it must be part of the response. If the data does not exist or cannot be delivered through the API, the field can be omitted.
MC Mandatory conditional - Child fields where Parent field is marked «D»(Deliver), and is critical to give value to the Parent, is marked as «MC» (Mandatory Conditional). They are only Mandatory if the parent is part of response, but must be returned if Parent is part of the response.

- Child fields where Parent field is marked «M»(Mandatory) is crucial to give value to the Parent and must be delivered, even if there is no data. (See separate description for how to return empty or no data in fields.) Not returning this field in the response can break the receiving API.
O Optional Only used in input parameters

*If the data provider cannot deliver all requested data through Control API, but have more data offline, responseStatus must return value “partial”.

Input parameters

Values set by data consumer.

It is the data providers responsibility to validate all requests’ from the data consumers and to make sure that all requests are validated well enough. See some recommendations regarding validation of requests in Control API.

Parameter Description Comment
accountReference (M) A unique reference to the account, but should not be the account number and not simply decoded to an account number.  
AccountInfoRequestID (M) Consumers case reference id/number Link to Spesification of eOppslag
CorrelationID (M) Unique identifier for the technical request Link to Spesification of eOppslag
Legal-Mandate* (M) Legal basis the financial institution should validate. Formatted encoded text. Link to Juridiske rammebetingelser
AdditionalReferenceID* (O) Reference ID when legal-mandate is not adequate alone, or to identify requester at consumer. Should be validated according to the legal-mandate. Formatted encoded text. Required for some legal mandates.
More information in Spesification of eOppslag
AdditionalReferenceIDType* (O) What type of reference to expect in AdditionalReferenceID Required for some legal mandates.
More information in Spesification of eOppslag
fromDate (O) From date, current date if not stated  
toDate (O) To date, current date if not stated  

*It is recommended to validate AdditionalReferenceID and AdditionalReferenceIDType according to the legal-mandate (see what legal mandates which requires information in AdditionalReferenceID). Legal-mandate should always be logged with belonging AdditionalReferenceID.


Values in response from financial institutions.

All fields are to be provided as long as the bank/financial institution holds the data, regardless of whether the fields are marked as mandatory or not. This is according to the legal basis.

Value Level 1 Level 2
responseStatus (D)    
paymentCards (D)    
  paymentCards.cardIdentifier (MC)  
  paymentCards.holderName (D)  
  paymentCards.startDate (D)  
  paymentCards.expiryDate (D)  
  paymentCards.cardIssuerName (D)  
  paymentCards.type (D)  
  paymentCards.cardIssuerIdentifier (D)  
    paymentCards.cardIssuerIdentifier.countryOfResidence (D)
    paymentCardscardIssuerIdentifiervalue (MC)
    paymentCards.cardIssuerIdentifier.type (MC)




Indicates whether this is a complete answer, or whether there is data offline that can not be retrieved through the API.

  • partial: If there is any data in the producers systems that can be retrieved manually and is not part of the API response.
  • complete: If there are no more available data that can be retrieved manually. All known data has been returned in the response.

ResponseStatus is not to be used as an indicator for paginating.

[partial, complete]




Mandatory conditional

Card number (must be masked).



Name of the card holder.



When card was valid from (pattern: ^[0-9]+-([0][1-9] | 1[0-2])$): YYYY-MM



When card is expiring (pattern: ^[0-9]+-([0][1-9] | 1[0-2])$): YYYY-MM



Name of the financial institution that issued the card.



Type of card.

[creditCard, debitCard]





CountryCode. The country the card issuer belongs to in ISO 3166-1/Alpha-2 code format.


Mandatory conditional

Organization number of the card issuer.


Mandatory conditional

  • countryIdentificationCode: The national registration code for businesses, enterprise, organizations and companies that is retrieved from the National register for organizations. In Norway this would be from BRREG.
  • nationalIdentityNumber: Used for persons. The national identitycode for persons. In Norway this would be P or D numbers from FREG.
[countryIdentificationCode, nationalIdentityNumber]

Change log

Date Change Link in document
23.10.20 Specified that AdditionalReferenceID must be formatted encoded text Input parameters
  V.1.1 is current version